Mockingjay Movie Poster

Recreation of the Mockingjay movie poster. I use 3D in Photoshop to create the wings and the ring. This was also my first attempt at using the the Flame generator. As you will see in the in the video, this is sort of an improved remake of my Catching Fire movie poster tutorial, which I created for my friend Ildefonso Segura, who runs one of the biggest Photoshop YouTube channels in Spanish. You can check out that video here (in Spanish): Although some of the techniques used in this tutorial are similar to the Catching Fire tutorial, there are many more new techniques that I’m sure you’ll enjoy! If you have any questions or comments, leave them below! If you enjoyed this tutorial, then please share it with a friend!

Started with a stock photo of a woman in workout clothes.
Composited leather jacket in
Added shoulder pads
Then I brought in two vector drawings from Illustrator.
I converted the Vectors into 3D objects.
I added bumpmaps to the 3D objects.
I used the Flame Generator to create the flames.
Added adjustment layers to make the image "hotter".
Video Tutorial
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